The Ultimate Internet Marketing Business Plan – In Just Seven Sentences

If you’re new to Internet marketing and have a product, a website and are ready to go, then this article can make your business run a lot smoother and more profitably.

Here’s why:

I have interviewed a lot of Internet marketing and sales experts over the past several years. And not long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a very big name in the marketing industry Jay Conrad Levinson.

And during that interview I did a detailed questions and answers session with him, where people on my list emailed me questions for me to ask Jay.

One of the questions someone asked was how to develop a good, solid marketing plan.

Jay’s answer was so good I think every single person selling anything online should write it down, study it and use it every time they do business.

Here’s what he said:

The thing he always recommends is writing simple seven-sentences he calls “guerrilla marketing plan.”

And the seven sentences go basically like this:

The first sentence tells the purpose of your marketing; what physical thing do you want people to do — visit a website, call an 800 number, look for your product the next time they’re at the store, answer your email, clip a coupon, etc.

In other words, what do you want them to do physically?

The second sentence tells the prime benefit or competitive advantage that you need in order to accomplish your purpose. You may have 100 benefits. Pick the main one. Specifically, pick your competitive advantage that your competition doesn’t offer.

The third sentence of your marketing plan lists your target audience or target audiences.

The fourth sentence lists the marketing weapons that you’ll use. For example: article marketing, publicity, pay per click, search engines, referrals, etc.

The fifth sentence tells your niche in the market place. What’s the first word you want to enter people’s minds when they see your product? Your name? Maybe your company’s name?

The sixth sentence tells your identity (not your image) — your distinct personality. You don’t want to be a cold, faceless institution in anyone’s mind. You want to be a flesh and blood person with a real personality.

Finally, the seventh sentence tells your marketing budget, which should be expressed as a percentage of projected gross sales.

And that’s it.

Jay’s simple plan works almost like magic for people.

It keeps you on track, keeps you focused, and keeps your goals in line and easier to achieve.

Next time you have a new product or business to launch, use this simple guide. It can make everything go down a lot easier, faster and more profitably for you.

Grow Your Internet Marketing Sales And Profits Fast – By Watching Television

Would you like to start coming up with an unlimited amount of ideas for products, sales letters and content for your Internet marketing business?

Then there is really only one thing you need to do. And that is to simply constantly expose your mind to lots of different — even radically different — things.

In other words, read lots of different periodicals, newspapers, books and novels. Watch lots of different television shows and movies. Listen to different points of view on talk radio and on the Internet.

Basically, keep feeding your brain with so much information, about so many different things, that your subconscious becomes jam-packed with “raw material” to draw upon.

What’s the point of all this?

Well, by doing all these things — by exposing your brain to all these different ideas — your mind becomes almost like a river of ideas that you can draw on whenever you want. And all these different thoughts and ideas you put in there will start to sort of “talk” to each other, and combine and create whole new concepts and solutions for things you are working on.

Let me give you an example

I recently did an interview with a guy who created a “special effects” cookbook. A cookbook with recipes for volcano cakes, and deserts in the shape of your face, and all kinds of neat things kids love.

And he told me he got the idea while driving down the street. He was thinking about how he read somewhere that cookbooks always sell. And, at the same time, he remembered something he saw on a science fiction TV show and — bam! There it was. A “special effects cookbook.”

Two totally unrelated ideas that came out of his mind to form an idea that has made him a million dollars.

And that’s how it works for all so-called “creative geniuses.”

They simply load their brains with information, let it all “gel” together and talk to each other…and then presto! An idea comes out the other side.

What Is And Different Models Of Internet Marketing?

In my last article I shared about myself and how I got started in internet marketing. Today here I will be explaining what internet marketing is and different models related to that even though all these can be run with just your PC, laptop, iPhone and internet WiFi connection.

At first glance to most people, it is about selling things and making money online. But when I asked them further on what else they know, most give me a blank look and have no idea to answer further.

Because in my country Singapore – especially despite it being developed with high home ownership and infrastructure, many people – in particular baby boomers and senior generations – are very new to technology and preferred to be in their comfort zone of learning through printed books, classrooms and networking events since the last 2 provided them with more personal touch as compared to learning on their own online despite the vast information they can find and learnt from Google and YouTube.

What I can say is though internet marketing gives you the complete flexibilty, it also has different models underneath just like traditional businesses which can be run in cafes, factories, offices and shops. Under which I will highlight, explain and highlighted the pros and cons.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most basic and what I feel everyone should start off if they are new and eager to make their first dollar online like me 10 years ago.

By definition, it is promoting other people’s products for share of commissions.

They can be digital or information products as in e-learning programs comprising of e-books, videos and software in membership sites as well as physical consumer goods that people like you and me buy everyday from shops and e-commerce stores.

They can also be services like autoresponder or certified email promo and service provider, domain registry and web hosting packages.

As to where and how to promote and get paid, you can sign up at online marketplaces and networks like Amazon, ClickBank, Market Health, JVZoo, Warrior Plus and many others you can find through diligent Google and YouTube research.

2. Info Product Creation

This is where you create your own info product or e-learning courses.

As in e-book, videos, software and other resources you can compile into membership sites before selling as your own program and even coaching.

The beauty of this is not only you have full ownership in changing and promoting, you can recruit other people to promote for you as affiliates.

For this, I recommend Optimize Press and WordPress as best combined platforms even though you can create HTML pages as well using a free Kompozer tool.

3. E-Commerce And Dropshipping

Besides info, you can promote physical goods as well.

Anything you can buy from shops and stores can be marketed as well on the web.

Clothing, computers, electronics, furniture, home appliances, toys and video games just to name the most popular choices.

4. Local Businesses Consulting

If you are good in either 2 or all 3 I mentioned above, you can offer your services to small and medium enterprises who require professional looking websites, social media channels and advertising for maximum exposure, leads and sales.

Should the respective bosses saw and recognized the value of what you are providing, they do not mind paying you more so long as you continued to help them generate more customers, sales and revenues.

5. Mobile Apps Design

Besides websites, social media channels and advertising, mobile apps also played an important role in today’s economy.

Because nowadays most people preferred to surf websites through their iPhones and also instead of just searching through Google for websites, they can download and proceed straight to the apps to access whatever information they need and want.

If you can also excel in this, you can also provide as part of your marketing package to companies, restaurants and shops.

6. E-Book Publishing

Suppose you do not like to talk to people face-to-face, you may consider this along with affiiiate marketing and info product creation instead of approaching local bosses.

All you need is a Microsoft Word or Open Office and type in what you know a lot about and can help others before publishing into PDF through e-book directories or to Amazon Kindle Store.

7. Freelance Jobs

You can offer to be employed by internet marketers for things they do not want to do and prefer to outsource.

Like writing articles, designing graphics and producing videos.

But unless you are into software and app development, your fixed pay will be low from the start.

8. Selling Domains And Websites

This is by far the most lucrative of the 8 models I highlighted.

As all you need is to sell keyword-rich or impressive domains and profitable websites to ready buyers on sites like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Whichever model you choose, you can run from anywhere anytime you want be it so long as you have computer and internet connection. That is the real beauty of internet marketing!