Start Your Internet Marketing Business The Fast, Easy And Painless Way

If you are just starting out looking to make money on the Internet, then this article will save you a lot of time, money, frustration and guesswork.

Here is why:

The key to making money on the Internet quickly and easily, without hassle…is to simply sell something to a market that is in dire need of something.

For example:

I have a relative with really bad asthma. So bad that he sometimes has to be taken to a hospital and put in an oxygen tent so he can breathe.

And let me tell you, he is desperate for something — anything — that will relieve his symptoms.

Here’s another example:

There are lonely people all over the world desperate for a date or for someone to connect with.

Some of these people would do literally anything to find someone to love and be loved by, and are willing to shell out thousands of dollars on books and resources on the subject.

Another example is people who are about to have a baby.

This is a huge emotional period where people are both scared and excited, and actively looking for answers to hundreds of questions.

Do you see the idea here?

Don’t try to sell things to people who are only marginally interested in a subject or are only slightly afflicted by a problem.

Go for people who are emotional and even irrational about something — like health problems, a special hobby (golf, for example, is a very passionate market), or a social problem.

Trust me, if you can find a market of people who have a burning desire or need for something, you almost can’t fail if you sell them the right product for that desire or need.

Grow Your Internet Marketing Business Fast — By Letting People Steal From You

I used to really obsess over people stealing my content online.

In fact, after all the time, money and effort I put into my site and products, I used to get burning angry at the very thought of someone ripping my stuff off.

Until I talked with a marketing genius named Jay Conrad Levinson — who actually figured out a way to make money from people who steal his stuff.

Now, if you don’t know who Jay Conrad Levinson is, let’s just say he is one of the most prolific and savviest marketers in the entire world — with the testimonials to prove it. He is the guy who started all the “guerrilla” books you see in all the bookstores like “Guerilla Marketing”, “Guerilla Publicity” etc.

And when I asked him about what he does when people steal his ideas or content he told me this:

“I spend no time in court. I never sue anybody. I encourage everybody who wants to copy me and by doing that I’ve grown the guerrilla marketing brand to the point that it’s in 39 languages, which means, Michael, I don’t understand 38 editions of my own book.”

In fact, Jay sometimes even calls people who rip him off and compliments them on their taste in selecting guerrilla marketing.

And not only that, but he even offers them discounts on books or membership in his association.

I don’t know about you, but that really changed my attitude about theft of my intellectual property.

And it is something to think about the next time you think you are being ripped off by someone and can’t really do anything to stop it.

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Business Plan – In Just Seven Sentences

If you’re new to Internet marketing and have a product, a website and are ready to go, then this article can make your business run a lot smoother and more profitably.

Here’s why:

I have interviewed a lot of Internet marketing and sales experts over the past several years. And not long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a very big name in the marketing industry Jay Conrad Levinson.

And during that interview I did a detailed questions and answers session with him, where people on my list emailed me questions for me to ask Jay.

One of the questions someone asked was how to develop a good, solid marketing plan.

Jay’s answer was so good I think every single person selling anything online should write it down, study it and use it every time they do business.

Here’s what he said:

The thing he always recommends is writing simple seven-sentences he calls “guerrilla marketing plan.”

And the seven sentences go basically like this:

The first sentence tells the purpose of your marketing; what physical thing do you want people to do — visit a website, call an 800 number, look for your product the next time they’re at the store, answer your email, clip a coupon, etc.

In other words, what do you want them to do physically?

The second sentence tells the prime benefit or competitive advantage that you need in order to accomplish your purpose. You may have 100 benefits. Pick the main one. Specifically, pick your competitive advantage that your competition doesn’t offer.

The third sentence of your marketing plan lists your target audience or target audiences.

The fourth sentence lists the marketing weapons that you’ll use. For example: article marketing, publicity, pay per click, search engines, referrals, etc.

The fifth sentence tells your niche in the market place. What’s the first word you want to enter people’s minds when they see your product? Your name? Maybe your company’s name?

The sixth sentence tells your identity (not your image) — your distinct personality. You don’t want to be a cold, faceless institution in anyone’s mind. You want to be a flesh and blood person with a real personality.

Finally, the seventh sentence tells your marketing budget, which should be expressed as a percentage of projected gross sales.

And that’s it.

Jay’s simple plan works almost like magic for people.

It keeps you on track, keeps you focused, and keeps your goals in line and easier to achieve.

Next time you have a new product or business to launch, use this simple guide. It can make everything go down a lot easier, faster and more profitably for you.